How often do we stop and think about the impact that technology is having on our lives? How it impacts on our thoughts, emotions and the way we communicate with one another. As we make rapid advancements in technology which is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives, are we gaining or losing something far more important? Our humanity? I am currently working on a collection to explore these themes and have posted a few here.

Empty the mind
Clear all thoughts
Expel internal chatter
Evict small talk
Disable electro-magnetic radio waves
Eradicate inward static white noise haze
Annihilate propagating negatronic phaze
Reset the brain to a catatonic state
Acquiesce to crashing silence
Permit black to fill the void
Yield to electro separation
To be human not android
Saturate and submerge in subconscious sleep
First stop counting electric sheep
Jumpstarting neural transmissions
Synaptic pathways strung taught
Ignition re-cognition
Connecting original thought
Flood the mind
Free all thoughts
Admit internal chatter
Of the chemical sort
Descend into delta slow-wave sleep
Are you still counting electric sheep?

Vibrations of life infiltrate Digital Divide
Permeating senses. Mission? Seize control of mine
mind plugged into electro-rhythmic soul
voltaic visionaries increase their hold
Eyes wide open - but blinded as cathodal current,
parabola pulsing
hypnotic optics, mesmerising magnets
distance us, increasingly, from this Sun
What can be done to thwart this Digital Divide?
Machiavellian master? Unscrupulous super?
Cunning crafter?
subscription sourced artificial activity
unplugging us from thinking rationally
currency exchanges ever faster
WE accelerate towards disaster

Shelley's Machine
Initiate neural mapping
Imprint is complete
Fusion bio techno
Shelley's Machine
Suffused in surreal beauty
A suffocating shroud
Oh Shelley!
Be careful what you wish for
In death's dust there is no proud
of the
Annihilation algorithms
You programmed in her soul
Uploaded to the server
Where you then lost

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