March Wordprompt: Bridge

TAKE A RISKβ€”BUILD A BRIDGE I constructed a bridge to join the space that separated us But, the materials I used were half-hearted and it quickly collapsed Months later, I made a bridge to join the chasm that was keeping us apart But, although the materials I used were paved with good intentions, they wereContinue reading “March Wordprompt: Bridge”

Experimenting with Digital Watercolours

I’ve been experimenting with digital watercolours recently and am really enjoying the effects you can create by mixing them with ink. If you haven’t used them beforeβ€”I’d recommend playing around with the water flow. When you want a more free flowing image then set it to high otherwise keep it low. Layers are great wayContinue reading “Experimenting with Digital Watercolours”


I am currently working on a collection of cloudscapes that are linked to the colours we use to decorate our faces. Lipsticks, blushers, eyeshadows and so on. I’m excited to see where this line of thought will take me. To add that extra layer of meaningβ€”I’m also using poetry to accompany the pieces. The firstContinue reading “Blush”

Polar Lights

If you’ve seen my work you’ve probably guessed that I really enjoy painting pieces inspired by the natural world. I love to capture the ever changing colours of the skiesβ€”and reflect these colours on water. My last couple of blogs have focussed on the use of speed art. This week, I have been focussing onContinue reading “Polar Lights”

Into the Mist

Following on from my last post on speed painting where I was practising a particular skillβ€”I’m also using the same technique to try something new. I’ve been playing around with some soothing colours and using them to create some abstract pieces. I like the feel of themβ€”it’s like stepping into a dream. Process Video IContinue reading “Into the Mist”

Paper Boats

Has been a busy few weeks. Decided to participate in NaNoWriMo as have been procrastinating on the writing front by losing myself in the Twittersphere. So easily done. Feels good to get back on track. Have also been working on a couple of commission pieces. So for fun, decided to have a go at someContinue reading “Paper Boats”

Excerpts from the Lake

It’s been a busy few months working on commission pieces. Mostly, I have been working to specific requirements. The client knows exactly what piece of art they want and will send me photographs/direction in order to achieve it. The Lake Collection came about as a result of working only to a colour scheme. Through aContinue reading “Excerpts from the Lake”

Singapore Lilies

Continuing with what I am now thinking of calling my β€˜dreamscape’ series. Looking forward to seeing where I will go with this. Earlier this year, I visited the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. I took lots of photographs, with some of my favourites being the lilies. The colours ranged from almost translucent soft shades, that hadContinue reading “Singapore Lilies”


Chasing the Sunshine This work was inspired by the humid Spanish summer and the flowers I saw on my walks. I’ve tried to convey an almost dreamlike quality to the piece. It’s such a luxury to have the time and space to immerse yourself in thoughts, feelings and the transient fleeting of colours. I hopeContinue reading “Flores”

Stormy Sunset

Inspired by the sunset that preceded a storm in Spanish mountains, located near Lorca in the region of Murcia. Painted using oils in Adobe Fresco. This took about a week to complete. Whilst layers are really useful for creating depth, I mostly prefer to paint on one layer so that I can see the coloursContinue reading “Stormy Sunset”