March Wordprompt: Bridge

TAKE A RISKβ€”BUILD A BRIDGE I constructed a bridge to join the space that separated us But, the materials I used were half-hearted and it quickly collapsed Months later, I made a bridge to join the chasm that was keeping us apart But, although the materials I used were paved with good intentions, they wereContinue reading “March Wordprompt: Bridge”

Blossom in Digital Watercolours

The beautiful pink blossom is out on the almond trees here in Lorca, Spain. However, as lovely as they look they could be hiding a deadly secret. If the blossom on an almond tree is white then the nuts are likely to be sweet and safe for eating. If, it is pink, then the nutsContinue reading “Blossom in Digital Watercolours”

Counting Heartbeats

There she isβ€” counting heartbeatsWhile the colours of her memoriessit upon her shoulderin wistful refrainWaiting to be weaved intothe fabric of her skinYet the shadows still remainStretching it parchment thinThere she isβ€” watching daydreamsWhile the faces of her memoriesStare hungrily through the windowsWaiting to be invited inYet the echoes oflost conversations areLong since scattered onContinue reading “Counting Heartbeats”

Sanctimonious Sod

There’s always one – the know it all Preaching in familiar waves of hippocratic avenues, that stretch and bend but never sway Egocentricity is his parody Applaud the Sanctimonious Sod Words rain from high, place self decided, without preamble and who are we to right it Platitudes of preacher Tumultuous teacher Revere the Sanctimonious SodContinue reading “Sanctimonious Sod”

Falsehood is Friend

The sparkle that you captivate and cajole Camouflaging quiet fires that still to stone Do they know? Those drawn like moths to the flame that the flame is cold and long A user of words to flatter to quicken unguarded superficial souls Unknown the need they seek to fill as your deception holds them prisonerContinue reading “Falsehood is Friend”