March Wordprompt: Bridge

TAKE A RISKβ€”BUILD A BRIDGE I constructed a bridge to join the space that separated us But, the materials I used were half-hearted and it quickly collapsed Months later, I made a bridge to join the chasm that was keeping us apart But, although the materials I used were paved with good intentions, they wereContinue reading “March Wordprompt: Bridge”


I am currently working on a collection of cloudscapes that are linked to the colours we use to decorate our faces. Lipsticks, blushers, eyeshadows and so on. I’m excited to see where this line of thought will take me. To add that extra layer of meaningβ€”I’m also using poetry to accompany the pieces. The firstContinue reading “Blush”

El Lago (The Lake) Peep into my Ebook

Earlier this month I published my first β€˜ever’ ebook. If someone had told me a year ago, when I was working flat out on school improvement, that a year later I would be painting, I wouldn’t have believed it. There is life after education. I love writing but have a particular passion for both readingContinue reading “El Lago (The Lake) Peep into my Ebook”

Stop Counting Electric Sheep

Empty the mind Clear all thoughts Expel internal chatter Evict small talk Disable electro-magnetic radio waves Eradicate inward static white noise haze Annihilate propagating negatronic phaze Reset the brain to a catatonic state Acquiesce to crashing silence Permit black to fill the void Yield to electro separation To be human not android Saturate and submergeContinue reading “Stop Counting Electric Sheep”

Falsehood is Friend

The sparkle that you captivate and cajole Camouflaging quiet fires that still to stone Do they know? Those drawn like moths to the flame that the flame is cold and long A user of words to flatter to quicken unguarded superficial souls Unknown the need they seek to fill as your deception holds them prisonerContinue reading “Falsehood is Friend”